Tim Stevens Trio

Tracks: (MPsamples)
  1. July 6:51 Ben Robertson/Dave Beck/Tim Stevens
  2. Three Friends of Winter:
    Pine 17:07
    Bamboo 16:46
    Plum 15:40 Ben Robertson/Dave Beck/Tim Stevens
  3. Three Friends in Winter 4:0Tim Stevens

All compositions Copyright Control

Total time 61:04


Tim Stevens piano
Ben Robertson acoustic bass
Dave Beck drums

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'Three Friends in Winter' RF078

'[Stevens, Robertson and Beck] have put together considerable and varied experiences in improvised music prior to forming the trio that performs here. The outcome is heightened sensitivity and understanding of collective purpose resulting in music that is immensely satisfying. Technique is never to the main criterion as the trio goes about its work of creating evocative sound events that verge on poetry in their effect...This CD is an important document.' Gavin Franklin, Music Forum

Subtle but rewarding, this is a piano trio with a refreshingly exploratory and impressionistic bent.' Troy Collins, Cadence

' the atmosphere and musical landscapes
produced by Tim Stevens's piano trio are exceptionally evocative and
original...a strong musical creativity is always present'
John McBeath, The Weekend Australian

'Three Friends of Winter is thoroughly unified and beautiful. For all the decades of practising technique and learning traditional rules, Chinese paintings are often executed with great spontaneity. The Tim Stevens Trio has found a musical equivalent.' John Clare, Sydney Morning Herald

'A beautiful album, as well as being a brave one' John Shand, Limelight

'Most pieces on the new album are entirely improvised, but developed with such intelligence and restraint that they seem to create their own internal logic...succeed it does — superbly' Jessica Nicholas, The Age