Tim Stevens

Tracks: (MP3 samples)
  1. Proem 1.31
  2. Generating 4.16
  3. Freehand i 7.43
  4. Jitters 5.46
  5. Freehand ii 5.38
  6. Freehand iii 2.38
  7. Life at Greystanes 4.45
  8. Freehand iv 3.30
  9. Craft and Art 5.19
  10. Freehand v 3.47
  11. Creative Control 3.57
  12. Freehand vi 5.03

Total time 55.04

All compositions by Tim Stevens and Copyright Control


Tim Stevens

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'Freehand' RF058

Invitation Series Vol 2

‘an intimate experience...For the duration of this CD, Stevens demonstrates his delightful approach to improvisation and composition, affording himself generous chunks of space with each tune and developing often classically influenced ideas to fruition with studious clarity...Unsentimental yet emotionally arresting, its an uncompromising solo debut that lays bare Stevens’ challenging, rewarding and unpredictable movements’ Ashleigh Wilson THE AUSTRALIAN

‘a rewarding offering of an art that many of us find indispensable to their enjoyment of life’ Michael Foster CANBERRA TIMES

‘this new solo album reveals Stevens in fascinating close-up, and what’s there is a mixture of dynamism, lyricism and exploration wrapped inside unstinting discipline...He sounds unlike anyone else and is satisfyingly mature’ Shane Nichols FINANCIAL REVIEW

‘one of the brightest talents to emerge on the Australian jazz scene in the past decade...a very attractive and absorbing set’ Adrian Jackson THE BULLETIN

‘The excellent quality of the recording deserves particular note. In fact, it is so good a recording (especially in its capture of Stevens’s dynamics) that I strongly urge listeners not to even attempt listening to it in the car or as background music (or at least not at first), as the extreme movement in dynamics would be lost, and the album possibly misjudged. Sit down in a quiet, comfortable place with decent headphones and listen carefully - Australia has produced something special in Tim Stevens’ E. Sean Rintel MC REVIEWS

'The next instalment of the Sydney label's Invitation series is nothing short of ambitious. Solo jazz pianists travel down a hard road - providing enough depth and colour to enthral the listener for just on an hour with no support to fall back on. It goes to the heart of the jazz idiom, music of the moment that weaves its own spell. Stevens has a distinctive attack that's well suited for this project - behind the instinct for ethereal lyricism and elegance there lurks an iron-edged focus. Just as striking is his use of space. It's as important as the notes themselves. Some pianists meander, doodling around a phrase, waiting, Keith Jarrett-like, for something to happen. Stevens, however, plays with a clear sense of direction. He takes his time, never repeating an idea or pushing the melody but giving it the space to develop. The aptly named piece 'Creative Control' sums up his approach. The appeal of this album is listening to the ideas take shape without any clutter or rush. The constantly shifting themes behind the 12 originals make captivating listening. What clinches it, however, is that disciplined but understated rigor.' -Leon Gettler THE AGE