Paul McNamara

Tracks: (MP3 sample)
  1. Conversations 4.15
  2. Song For Jess 5.06
  3. Interdependence 6.50
  4. Paul's Gift 6.49
  5. Salsa Sally 6.51
  6. Coral Colours 7.17
  7. A Tribute To Mr Kenny Barron 6.27
  8. My Foolish Heart 6.02

Total time 49.38


Paul McNamara

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'Conversations' RF046

'Sublime' Shane Nichols FINANCIAL REVIEW

'(a) deeply satisfying solo piano recording...Paul McNamara is one of our great piano stylists and teachers...We don't get to hear him often enough, but when we do the spell is deep...A major influence on McNamara was clearly Bill Evans, and his ability to produce an atmosphere of limpid stillness rivals that master's...These are deliberations, meditations, conversations, in which musical propositions and pure feeling become one and the same'

'Conversations is the sort of CD that, if given the proper exposure, could be quite popular among fans of melodic solo piano. Despite the obvious Bill Evans connections (several tunes and the title), this program is well thought-out, well played, and extremely listenable' Richard B Kamins CADENCE

'That McNamara is a profound, passionate and creative player comes through on every track. These solo piano renditions are intense, highly symphonic creations, combining the melodic and rhythmic essence of modern classical piano with the textures of jazz' Jill Morris JAZZ ACTION SOCIETY

'You can hear McNamara get physically involved with his playing, and the results are direct and strong. There is a sense of completeness to his work as well that bold and assured as you would expect of an artist of this calibre' Craig N Pearce DRUM MEDIA

''Like the best solo piano outings, it is by turns reflective and playful, but always beautiful' Kenny Weir SUNDAY HERALD SUN'

'This is music as much for contemplation as for conversation. Contemplation of the mysterious' Sasha Molitorisz BELLE

'Australian pianist Paul McNamara (a new artistic voice for me), with a professed influence of Bill Evans, presents six original compositions of the eight on this 1999 release... (he) displays both his technical proficiency and inventiveness. A welcomed first hearing'
John Sutherland CODA